Families in Business:
Leading Change in the New Era

16 - 17 FEBRUARY 2023


Families in business from all around Asia will gather once again for the FBN Asia Regional Conference.

With the theme Families in Business: Leading Change in the New Era, FBN Asia aims to advance thought-leadership, expertise, share transformation strategies and also, provide a roadmap to business families to take action which encompasses adopting the rightful mindsets and toolkits to not only thrive, but also lead in today’s fast-changing world.

The world, as we know it, will continue to be very fast-paced, complex and hyper-connected; the occurrence of disruptions, which have become a given, and a crisis anywhere can have a butterfly effect, unleashing global chaos. This is our new reality and as the core of most economic backbones comprise family businesses, it is crucial that families and their enterprises step out of their traditional role as bastions of stability and think like futurists and be the champions of change.

This conference is for:

  • Founders, Senior Gens and NowGens
  • Family Members and Spouses who may or may not be working in a family business
  • The Next Generation 
  • Non-family C-suite Executives and Board Members working in family business
  • External Trusted Advisors and Consultants – Hear first-hand what family business owners really want and need
  • Industry Leaders and Subject Matter Experts

Countdown to event

Join us this year in Singapore for ground-breaking insights from multi-generational family business owners, thought leaders and industry experts.