Introducing our Chief Learning Officer

About Gaia Marchisio, Ph.D

Professor Gaia Marchisio

Gaia is a tenured Associate Professor of Management at the Coles College of Business, at Kennesaw State University (GA, USA), and a Faculty associate of the internationally acclaimed Cox Family Enterprise Center.

Gaia is currently on sabbatical leave to serve as the Chief Learning Officer for FBN Academy, an initiative of the Family Business Network Asia.

Gaia brings a unique combination of knowledge and experience from the fields of strategic management, behavioral science and entrepreneurship to her work with family businesses, combined with a growing expertise in family dynamics and conflict management.

She has extensive experience in:

  • crafting and facilitating tailored workshops and seminars for family businesses and family offices
  • creating several curricula for family business classes
  • teaching undergrad, grad and executive courses on family business, management and behavioral sciences and consulting services
  • collaborating with financial institutions and associations working with family firms, such as IIC, IFC (member of the World Bank)

Gaia is also very active in the international arena: she regularly presents and advises families on various topics in family business management around the world, facilitating some of the owners meetings. She has worked with families in Europe, North and Latin America, Caribbean, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Gaia was raised as a 4th generation successor in her family business. This experience helped her understand the emotional challenges and responsibilities of being a young member of an entrepreneurial family. After finishing her BBA, she joined the SDA Bocconi School of Management, where she served as Assistant Director of the full-time MBA Program; as Coordinator of the first Chair in Strategic Management in Family Business; and as a Coordinator of Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurs’ Research Center. Gaia earned her Doctorate in Business Administration on Family Business.  She moved to Atlanta, Georgia, USA in 2006, and is based in Singapore now.  She is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian.  You can reach Gaia at [email protected]